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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I just returned from Legacy Dance nationals with Isabella and the Triple Threat Dance team. And, it was amazing. Little miss Bella, who didn't want to do her solo at Nationals because she has messed up the last 3 competitions, did FABULOUS!!! her solo was Perfect in momma's eyes, scored a Elite Gold and made it to the TOP 10!! at number 8...for the first time this year in the TOP 10!! her first ever solo. She did so good. I was sad daddy wasn't there to see her shine.. So, I splurged and bought the video disc. Daddy had to see it...We, meaning grandma Jo and Grandma Sandy along with brother, visited Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. Where, sad to report I will never ride the Dragon Challenge at Harry Potter again. I was so ill. I think I had motion sickness for 3 hours after that upside down roller coaster.
After all that, I saw today that miss Heidi Swapp is revealing her CHA fall/winter release.. I am so excited ...!!!

Isn't it just fabulous!!!!

I can't wait, next week on her blog she is going to have the full reveal as well as some giveaways. So, be sure to keep up!!!
I am sure she will post on instagram @hkswapp  and her Facebook page. Her design team will be re-posting the goodies as well. So if you are not following them please do! they are all so talented.

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