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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I just returned from Legacy Dance nationals with Isabella and the Triple Threat Dance team. And, it was amazing. Little miss Bella, who didn't want to do her solo at Nationals because she has messed up the last 3 competitions, did FABULOUS!!! her solo was Perfect in momma's eyes, scored a Elite Gold and made it to the TOP 10!! at number 8...for the first time this year in the TOP 10!! her first ever solo. She did so good. I was sad daddy wasn't there to see her shine.. So, I splurged and bought the video disc. Daddy had to see it...We, meaning grandma Jo and Grandma Sandy along with brother, visited Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. Where, sad to report I will never ride the Dragon Challenge at Harry Potter again. I was so ill. I think I had motion sickness for 3 hours after that upside down roller coaster.
After all that, I saw today that miss Heidi Swapp is revealing her CHA fall/winter release.. I am so excited ...!!!

Isn't it just fabulous!!!!

I can't wait, next week on her blog she is going to have the full reveal as well as some giveaways. So, be sure to keep up!!!
I am sure she will post on instagram @hkswapp  and her Facebook page. Her design team will be re-posting the goodies as well. So if you are not following them please do! they are all so talented.

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 2013

Well, here it is July and that means we are that much closer to Christmas....Wow!! I can't believe how fast this school year went for the kids. I swear it seems like we were just shopping for school clothes and supplies.
We are into our summer and Hurricane season here in the Panhandle for Florida. Which means, myself and Brandon are stressed out more..he is a lot like his mother, we don't handle thunderstorms well, let alone a hurricane. So, we pray nightly that the storms will not make it into the gulf this season. However, today, we had our first tornado scare. Yep, a water spout made it's way onshore and thru the beaches of Destin. We prepared , had our bikes helmets on and water bottles in the bathroom. And, me , Xanax in my hand ready to take. My heart breaks seeing him to fearful. But, I sat on the couch with him and prayed. And, God came thru the warning was cancelled for our area.
But, before that whole ordeal, I was getting ready to do some scrapbooking but, had to redirect my attention to my childrens safety.
I have been working on creating a lot of the ideas I gather from @HeidiSwapp and the Fabulous 5 design team. I love seeing their creations on their personal blogs and .
They are amazing. SO, since it has been awhile I am going to post here a few photos of a memory file I made for a good friends recent birthday..I hope you enjoy it. I had received an ELLE magazine in the mail that day and on the cover TIFFANY'S had an add book attached to the front cover. I immediately decided this was how I would begin.. So, on the cover of one of HEIDI SWAPP'S file folders I made a fold openable. I used chipboard as the base and covered it with sugar chic papers. Opening the file I also, added a mini files folder, a mini foto sleeve, and on the back page, again I went with another mailer, the envelope looked so much like a clutch purse so , I used the leopard print from sugar chic and added a bling from Teresa Collins. alittle of the HEIDI SWAPP fringe a few more tidbits and VIOLA! She loved her gift....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello, It has been awhile since I have made a post to my blog. I have been busy learning new
techniques from Heidi Swapp and her Fabulous 5 Design team and Jessica Sprague, with her online classes.
The most recent is the Motography class. This class is teaching me to use my iPhone app instagram and all the features. it is really exciting!!! Being day 3, i have already applied my
new knowledge. LOL!!! Although, i am still stumped on how to apply the instamgram follow button to my blog, i am working on that one...

Through Heidi Swapp, i am in a online class for Memory Files Live. Can i just say again how
much i love this!!! She has opened up a whole new side of creativity for me. I already adored the mini albums, but , now it;s mini file folders! Yes, MINI file folders and her Vintage Chic line. It is so yummy. I will be posting completed projects this week , as i am still trying to finish them. But, beware, they may end up being Christmas gifts(wink wink).

So, keep close and i will see you soon with those updates. Also, I have pinned quite a bit of projects from Heidi and the FAB 5 on pinterest. So, if it;s not here , it will be there..
So ,Follow me on Pinterest!!!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well, i have been creating today. I finally finished the files for Bella's competitive dance groups. I had to complete the mini hiphop and the mini lyrical. I am so glad that i took the Heidi Swapp Art of Observation classes at Big Picture Classes because it really inspired me while i was trying to finish these dance files. I took pictures of the before during and after. I tried to keep in theme with the dance number. I i can't wait till our first competition so i can add some pictures. I figure this will be a great gift for each of the choreographers when our season is compete. It will give them something to hold on to when the season comes to an end May 2013.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Well, finally Friday. I can't tell you how I have looked forward to this day. It has been a busy week. Isabella and her dance schedule, and being dance mom i need to keep up with dances, costume, shoes, hair and song! it's alot plus, i volunteered to "MOM" all three of her dances. Dance camp for the next two weeks. She is exausted.
Well, Heidi Swapp announced her design team, and unfortunatly i did not get chosen... this year. But, the Fabulous 5 have amazing talent, I will admit,i come nowhere near their creativity. I am looking forward to each other their projects. I posted all their blog addresses here so, if oyu have not viewed them via Heidi's blog you can view here.

Also, during my Art of Observation course on Big Picture Class , Hedi challenged us to create a memory file about a personal goal. Well, all of you who know me, know me well, and know that i struggle daily on this whole weight, excersize issue. So, i have yet to create my folder but, i did start last week a new eating plan. I am sorta trying the Paleo diet. I am doing my best to stay away from CARBS!!! eek, So hard to do. I am down to one soda a day. I am deleting sweet tea, which now living in the south , it is sooo hard to do. I will post soon pictures of my file and see if i can achieve this goal. Wish me luck!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Okay, so , I am officially a Dance Mom for three of Bella's group dances at Triple Threat, I have no idea what motivated me to volunteer for all three dances but, I did. And, this year they seem to be trying some new organizational skills. We are givin a file folder for each dance that will contain names, measurments, contact info and whatever else needs to be remembered. And, well , me , I can't have a plain file folder... So, i completed my MINI JAZZ folder last night...

I think Heidi Swapp obsession is out of control!!!. Anyhows, On the left side i made two folders
and have one titled PHOTOS , for any pictures we take at competitions, and the second one is titled
CONTACT INFO, with moms email and phones numbers. The right side is a longer folder with
all the dancers names and is a list to keep track of who has measurements and costumes received.
I used various papers to cover the manila file folder  I love the pink zebra. It kinda matches the girls
costume we might be using this season.  Alittle bling and some other embellishments. SO, one down
and 2 more to go. I will post the others when they are completed. LOVE TO SCRAP!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Okay, it;s official , i have submitted my application for the Heidi Swapp design team. I hope that they see in me what others have told me so many times about my scrapbooking skills. But, she is selecting a "small"team. I do not know how many that is but, i hope i am one of them. figers crossed and prayers.
Still enjoying time with my sister. We went to the beach today, only to get rained out. But, found out thru a friend it cleared up and turned out to be a beautiful day. That's ok, we are getting up bright an early to head to Navarre Beach, about an hour drive, to gather some sea shells. And, hopefully, a day on sun and sand.
We had a double date tonight and went to see the new Batman movie, although i have never seen any of the other Christain Bale movies, this one was enjoyed by all of us. Along with that large popcorn and big soda! argh! i will never lose weight!
anyhows, it is off to bed so we can wake up early for the drive. Here is one of my submitted layouts , it is using the Heidi Swapp products from her memory file line SUGAR CHIC, i love it soo much. These pictures i took of the kids , were taken at dusk and i was working with the different modes on the camera. I think i got some pretty good pictures.